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Hotel central Siena with car park: the perfect base for visiting Siena in one or two days

When you are on holiday in Siena with a car or motorbike, one of the main difficulties is finding a place to sleep that is convenient for both visiting the city centre and for going on trips in the surrounding area.

There are many car parks in Siena, but they are not cheap and so booking a hotel in the centre of Siena that has parking facilities is definitely a plus.

From this point of view, Hotel Santa Caterina is certainly advantageous: the hotel is located just outside Porta Romana, one of the main entrances to the historic centre, and provides hotel guests with a convenient car park..

The hotel is in the centre but not in the ZTL (restricted traffic zone), so there is no risk of fines or having to make strange journeys in the car to avoid being caught on the city centre video cameras.

This way, both business travellers and those who have chosen Siena as a destination for their holidays can drop their suitcases off at the hotel, meaning that moving around the city's historic centre will be simpler and less laborious.

3 star hotel in Siena: Porta Romana convenient for the city center and Siena's surrounding area

In fact, to give an example, Piazza del Campo is about 15 minutes away on foot. It is also easy to reach the city centre by public transport from Hotel Santa Caterina; the bus stop is right in front of the hotel entrance.

So from Porta Romana you can easily reach the centre with all the monuments, churches, museums and tourist routes.
However, before arriving at the most famous shell-shaped square in the world, you also pass some very lively areas with many spots such as street Via Pantaneto and some of the most crowded university venues like Palazzo San Niccolò and Palazzo San Galgano, headquarters of the Faculty of Letters.

Hotel Santa Caterina in Siena is a 3-star hotel just outside the walls of the historic centre of Siena: it has comfortable and welcoming rooms, very helpful staff and a particularly good location both for those who want to visit Siena, and on the other hand for those who want to get to know the villages and the beautiful surrounding countryside better.

What to see in Siena from a hotel in Porta Romana

Siena is definitely a jewel of the Middle Ages, preserved almost perfectly from that time in the historic centre.
Even some of its most well-known and popular traditions, such as Palio and actively participating in the life of the city quarters all year round, are certainly very typical and deep rooted elements of Sienese tradition.
So getting to know Siena is not something you can do in just a few hours. There truly are pearls, famous must-see places, that you cannot afford to miss when visiting Siena.

1 day itinerary

When you only have one day to visit Siena, starting from Hotel Santa Caterina the best way is probably to take an approximate 15-minute walk to Piazza del Campo.
Walking around the pulsing heart of the city you will pass through the Nicchio and Leocorno districts, recognisable by the effigies of fountains that you will find on the road.
Probably shortly before arriving at Piazza del Campo you will be amazed by the beauty of an imposing monument, the Loggia of the Pope commissioned by Pope Pius II for his family, the Piccolomini.

2 day itinerary

Although Hotel Santa Caterina is close to the historic centre and in a very favourable location for those who want to explore the surroundings, if you have 2 days available, you need to make a choice: get to know this beautiful medieval town better or choose some of the beauties of the surrounding area to discover this part of ​​Tuscany?


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