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Siena is an incredible city: situated in a great spot on the Tuscan hills and full of art, history and traditions. This may become a sort of a “problem” when you’re about to book a holiday in Siena: far too many things to see!

Why choosing our hotel in Siena is perfect to visit undiscovered Tuscany

Hotel Santa Caterina is situated in a great position to discover both the city center and the unforgettable hills surrounding it.
Just like the staff at our hotel would do, here we try to give some pieces of advice to those who are interested in visit our territory.

At hotel reception you’ll get the chance to book some tours of the area

San Gimignano: the Middle Age between antique & modern

The Italian Manhattan is a well-known tourist attraction, but here are two shiny little things you may like to know while spending some time so near to this antique village.

The Orcia Valley & Montepulciano: charme and great taste

CC BY 2.0, Alessandro Valli

Moreover, Siena is particularly loved by its visitors, thanks to the picturesque valleys that embrace it: such as the Orcia Valley, which derives its name from the Orcia river which crosses the valley from Siena to Grosseto.

Florence, a jewel of handicraft

No need of introduction: its history, and its churches and museums are well-known worldwide. If there’s something you may not know about Florence is its great appeal for handicraft lovers too.
Florence has a long tradition for leather goods but also for gold and jewellery-making.

Monteriggioni & the Via Francigena

It takes only 15 minutes by car from Siena to Monteriggioni. This little village is a must-see place while staying in Siena, its outline used to be a source of inspiration also for the medieval poet Dante, who defined it as “crowned by towers”.


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