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Not just one of the hotels in Siena, Italy

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Want to know more about things to see near Siena? Check out Rick Steves' Audioguides

Since a few years Hotel Santa Caterina in Siena is in the Rick Steves' Guides. So we happen to know that, lately Rick recorded audioguides, also giving some good pieces of advice about what to visit while on holiday in Tuscany. Why not listening to some good suggestions about things to do and visit while staying in Siena?...
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Truffle Tour, discover Tuscany and its traditions

In many dishes of the Tuscan cooking tradition truffle is needed as a main ingredient.
Looking for truffles, or - as the truffle-hunters say - "going for truffles" (literally andare a tartufi) means discovering Tuscany through some its most ancient traditions and getting in touch with its natural landscapes. ...
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